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Tammy Devlin, Point Grace, May 21st, 2010

I was a bit of a nervous wreck when Shenique came to Point Grace for my bridal hair appointment. Soaking rains had already canceled a pre-wedding dinner and the rain had not let up the morning of the wedding. Despite battling sheets of pouring rain & flooded roads to get to me, Shenique came in the picture of calm, cool, collected. She quickly sat me down, analyzed my hair & talked to me about the inspiration picture I had sent her weeks prior. Then, she got to work- the thing that stood out to me about her was her quiet confidence. I knew I was in good hands and finally started relaxing! She started asking me questions about what kind of bride I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel on my wedding day, totally taking my mind off of the soaking rain. By the time I stood up to inspect my hair, not only was I THRILLED with the way it had turned out but the sun had started peaking out and the rain had stopped! I finally felt like I was in bride mode (in a good way!). The ceremony & reception went off without a hitch and it was truly a day to remember not only for us but for all our guests. My hair was the perfect combination of modern/traditional/sexy/demure- not an easy balance to strike- and it had staying power to bat! I was worried about the breeze on the beach blowing it all over the place, but somehow Shenique styled it to withstand the wind, humidity, and of course a full night of dancing- all without making it look too stiff. I love the way it looks in my pictures and felt like the "red carpet" version of myself. And I had my dream beach wedding after all- what more could a bride want?